Abigail Radewahn

Writer at Advertising Week
Abigail grew up in Milwaukee, WI and is now a junior at the University of Wisconsin - Madison in the School of Journalism and Mass Communication, double tracking in reporting and strategic communication while also earning a Bachelor's of Arts in Political Science. After college, she hopes to do some free-lance journalism and and do nonprofit communications surrounding social issues such as racial or socioeconomic disparities. Abby is excited to spend her first trip to NYC learning about something she loves and doing some writing!
Abigail Radewahn

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Moms in the workplace shape the future every day, whether it’s at their job or at home, growing future leaders and innovators. Working moms are more than just “mommy” or “boss”. They’re superheroes.


The Proof Is In The Pot

Though marketing and advertising for cannabis brands may come with its logistic and ethical challenges, this new industry is also packed full of exciting opportunities.

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Trump undoubtedly left his mark on many industries, even before his presidency, but “media” is possibly the industry Trump most commonly discusses now.