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Ten Minutes Late to Instantaneous

Everyone expects now. People want the next hour before it even arrives. How does one compete with time though?

Foundation First, Phone Next

Our world is always on the go. We have things to do, people to see and advertisements to make! Speaking of people to see, the Times Center Theatre had no empty seats as Danny Wright of SVP Strategic Partnerships welcomed the panel of Drew Barrymore, actress and Flower Beauty founder; Harry Kargman, CEO of Kargo; and Arie Kopelman, Vice Chairman of Chanel, Inc.

Matter That Matters

Bacon. The topic Seth Godin, blogger extraordinaire and marketing expert, chose to start his talk on the B.B. King stage presented by PPAI. Godin jumped from big topic to big topic, all pertaining directly to the importance of mattering.

Optimize the Experience

FreeWheel employees Ying Wang and Geoff Wolinetz spoke about the not-so-sweet spots to avoid problematic results of advertising. Repetition (ad fatigue), ad clutter, latency, poor creative quality and reach out experience are the main drivers of poor user experience.

Branding with a Punchline

A good punch line can really leave an impression. A bad joke can also get a firm reaction–usually an eye roll! The Above Average sponsored panel spoke on behalf of the method of using comedic impressions to excel brands.

Boundaries are Made for Pushing

The fashion industry is the keenest on breaking rules and pushing boundaries. Panel members Christine Wu, Babak Radboy, Becca McCharen, Lynn Yaeger and moderators James LaForce and John Barker explained how jumping in head first and challenging comfort zones have made their companies stand out!