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Working Towards the W

I’m coming clean. I’ve wanted to work at ESPN since I was twelve years old and have been waiting this week for this seminar like it was Christmas morning.

Radio: The Platform Making Waves In Consumer Connection

Radio CMOs and Celebrity on-air talent gathered at the Liberty Theatre on Wednesday to talk about the power of radio and to shine a light on why it’s a medium more brands and advertisers should consider.

Virtual Reality: No Longer Just Tech For the Future

OneRepublic’s Ryan Tedder shared that he wanted to capture the same youthful exuberance of movies like “The Perks of Being a Wallflower” in this VR video telling a classic shy-boy-meets-girl story.

Thoughts from The Other Side of the Shattered Glass Ceiling

As I rode the elevator thirty floors up in the Thompson Reuters building I couldn’t keep out the thoughts of doubt that crept into my head. What was I doing attending a seminar in a room full of perhaps the most successful women I had ever met when I had a college degree and no full-time job to show for it?  

Why a Millennial Mix is Integral for Ad Industry Success

Four industry leaders who are changing the game when it comes to D&I (the HR shortening for “diversity and inclusion”) addressed the problem – there is a lack of diverse talent entering the advertising workforce. Perhaps more importantly, the panel also pushed for conversation and actions to reach a solution.