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Does Audience or Content Drive Monetization?

Roberto Fernández del Castillo of UBER Mexico hosts the El Heraldo de México Stage to discuss a goal all brands, agencies, and creatives struggle with regularly: Monetizing Content.

The Payout of Being Independent

Launching an independent company without the resources of a big corporation is not for the faint of heart.

Pay-to-Play Gets Redesigned in Fashion

While still Pay-to-Play in the sense that the designer must be ready to invest in themselves, there’s an entire ecosystem built in the program to help support the designers.

Google and Walmart Partner for the Future

Google and Walmart announced a strategic partnership using Google’s apps and Walmart’s 4,700 stores and fulfillment centers. Currently Walmart’s online traffic is half of Amazon’s, but by partnering with Google, they look to take on the Prime giant with an eye to the future.