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Should Adland Care About the BBC?

As my mum shouts from the lounge, “quick it’s starting,” I’m rushing from the kitchen spilling boiling tea on my hands. The gentle scolding is worth it, it’s 8 pm on Sunday evening in 2006 and Planet Earth is about to come on the telly.

Ok Google, What’s Next?

The opening demo at today’s Ok Google chat showed two things, firstly artificial assistance has come on leaps and bounds in the past few years. Secondly, it has certainly picked up a dry sense of humour.

London Loves Food

This afternoon’s lunchtime chat was about London’s obsession with food, and by the manner in which the audience snapped up the canapés, obsession might be an understatement.

Does The Future Belong To The Content Pioneers?

You’d be forgiven for thinking a talk by an agency called The Brooklyn Brothers about BP Castrol may be a guise for a hipster episode of Top Gear. Thankfully Chris Evan’s is nowhere to be seen.