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Rebranding Health Care: Back to the Future

Healthcare is invasive, and its brand is fear. Neither of these things make it fun for anyone to think about. But in a public overwhelmed by increasing rates of obesity, diabetes and heart disease, healthcare is an important topic that deserves conversation.

Fireside with the New York Times: More Than a Village

In his latest book, “Thank You for Being Late,” New York Times foreign affairs columnist Thomas L. Friedman attempted to answer the question every American seems to be asking: how did we get here?

Heineken: There’s More Behind the Star

Ralph Rijks, the senior vice president of marketing at Heineken discussed their latest campaign they have aimed at Americans, Wednesday.

Understanding the Future, Today

Mike Bloxham, Tony Mugavero, John Soloman, Aaron Luber and Angel Mendoza all know the power of virtual reality first hand. As leaders in their industry, they work to map the unknown territory of VR by improving its content, platforms and devices.

Building Brands People Love: A Fireside Chat with AOL’s Tim Armstrong

Since 2009 Tim Armstrong has realized the potential of these acquired brands and amplified them into brands that people can connect with across the globe. The Huffington Post has been one of the most noted acquisitions, that AOL continues to heighten

Ending Objectification One Layer at a Time

The good news is, the industry that created the problem, is beginning to challenge it. As Madonna Badger, Jessica Grose, Liz Gateley and Linda Ong discussed women’s objectification in media Monday morning, one thing became clear, women’s role in the media is beginning to change.