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What Can Football Teach Us About CTV?

Football is back! And while empty stadiums, piped-in crowd noise, and last-minute postponed games are among the many notable differences this season, a positive change is in how many new ways you can tune in to watch your favorite team play.

CTV Is Exploding, But Is It Working?

CTV viewership has ballooned under COVID-19, from 2.7 billion hours per week pre-pandemic to 3.9 billion hours during the height of lockdowns. Every week more fuel is added to the fire.

Connected Home for the Holidays?

As a marketer, and more specifically, a marketer that has fully embraced cognitive technology in all of its glory, I’m supposed to wax enthusiastically about digital assistants such as Google Home or the Amazon Echo.

Cognitive Technology: From Principle To Practice

Businesses have a conceptual and theoretical understanding of how powerful cognitive technology could be – they see the why. What’s less understood is how it should be used in the world of marketing and communications.