AW360: Patrick Comer, Founder and CEO, Lucid

Not only is Patrick Comer the Founder and CEO of Lucid, the largest Research Technology firm on the globe, he’s the man that coined the term ResTech to begin with. Patrick sits down with AW360 to discuss the fascinating world of data research.

Apple’s SKAdNetwork vs. Google’s Privacy Sandbox

The ad tech industry has spent the past year closely monitoring and digesting updates around Apple’s SKAdNetwork and Google Chrome’s Privacy Sandbox, knowing that both carry dramatic implications for how our industry will gather consumer data.


Content Marketing Is Not For Everyone

Content marketing is, however, the most sustainable way to grow demand and a loyal audience. If you’re in need of immediate results, content marketing is not for you. But if you’re after long-term success and growing your audience base, you’ve found your match.


Why Email Became the Channel of Choice for Audience Engagement

Over the years we’ve heard lots of debate about the viability of email. As social media steamrolled onto the scene, many people in the industry even wrote email off as “dead,” proclaiming that social would make email irrelevant, especially for younger generations.


Three Ways the World Could Be

Optimism, properly channeled, is a powerful catalyst for change. And if you can retain your sense of optimism even amidst a pandemic, you possess a marketer’s most essential quality.

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