Is your Marketing Pride or PRIDE™?

In the last decade alone, the mainstream has embraced the experiences of queer people. Niche vernacular has given new life to linguistics and can be heard everywhere from a coffee shop to a conference room as a common turn of phrase (yas, queen!).


We’re All Direct Brands Now

Turns out we did build a massive wall in 2020, and then drove into it as self-imposed regulations crippled the U.S. economy in our effort to “flatten the curve” and save lives.

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Perspectives: Jennifer Weiner, Best-Selling Author

Join Katie and New York Times best-selling author Jennifer Weiner as they discuss everything from her new book, “Big Summer” to family, writing, movies, the complexities of the world today and how to make a fabulous challah.

Great Minds: Keith Reinhard on Bill Bernbach and creating Omnicom

Advertising Age has referred to Keith Reinhard as the advertising industry’s “soft-spoken visionary” and in 1999 named him one of the top 100 influentials in advertising history.

Masters of Creativity, Featuring Mathe Okaba

An Afropolitan’s Viewpoint on Advertising

Uncommon Thinking: The Responsibility Of Marketers

Given such a large proportion of Facebook’s advertisers are SMB’s, opening up a fund to ensure these businesses were still able to target customers handed many a lifeline when they needed it most.

The For-Purpose Generation – Givsly For-Purpose Podcast Episode 5

A discussion with one Gen Z, Millennial, and Gen X guest to discuss if the desire for purpose is driven by one generation. Or is the desire to do “more” something that we are all currently feeling?

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