Tapping into Influencer’s Communities

Instagram cultivates creators. Creators build communities. Smart brands utilize those creators also know as influencers to tap into new communities.  Adidas is an example of how working with influencers can shape a brand and expand into new communities.

#Femvertising is the Future

It may not be in the dictionary, but femvertising is on its way. SheKnows Media defines femvertising as advertising that employs pro-female talent, messages, and imagery to empower women and girls. 

Branding with a Punchline

A good punch line can really leave an impression. A bad joke can also get a firm reaction–usually an eye roll! The Above Average sponsored panel spoke on behalf of the method of using comedic impressions to excel brands.

Boundaries are Made for Pushing

The fashion industry is the keenest on breaking rules and pushing boundaries. Panel members Christine Wu, Babak Radboy, Becca McCharen, Lynn Yaeger and moderators James LaForce and John Barker explained how jumping in head first and challenging comfort zones have made their companies stand out!

Latest Podcasts

Going Off Script With SeatGeek

Ian Borthwick shares SeatGeek’s approach to positioning its brand on audio, and some pointers on where to begin when thinking about how your brand should sound.

Podcasting Through the Eyes of Art19

We caught up Korri Kolesa, previously chief revenue officer at Stitcher about Art19’s future direction, including the challenge of gaining a deeper understanding of listeners.

The Sonic Truth: Differentiation Through Sound: Radio

When it comes to radio the way you make people feel when they tune in is everything. As EVP of Content at Alpha Media, Phil Becker breaks down different approaches to building unique local radio brands across Alpha’s portfolio of 100’s of local stations.

The Sonic Truth: Tales of Turbulence and Other Sonic Branding Stories

Steve Milton runs a successful branding agency servicing all kinds of clients ranging from Tinder to Microsoft.

The Sonic Truth: Making Dynamic Audio For Hundreds of Markets

For virtually all of history, the spoken word hasn’t been scalable. Pete Jimison is the founder of audio agency Frequency, who are trying to tackle the problem head on.

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