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Dedicated to the art of the story. Whether it’s a social campaign, video, podcast, branded content, influencer marketing and so on— all have the same mission—to capture the attention of consumers—to surprise them and delight them.

The Email Revolution

How email is still evolving and why it remains the most powerful tool in customer communications.

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It Pays to be Emotional

I am a ‘feminist’. Once upon a time admitting to this label would probably have meant I had to burn my bra in some irate public spectacle.

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Latest Technology

Breaking the Kids’ Programming Paradigm, with Maggie McGuire

How platform thinking has helped Pinna define its value proposition, crack the monetization puzzle, and elevate its marketing strategy.

New Solutions for E-commerce

Get Customers to Buy What They Want with AI

4 Key Takeaways From the 2019 PowerChord Digital Summit

This year’s theme was “A Local Revolution,” which emphasized the importance of implementing the newest in digital trends.