Trusted News Content Drives Higher Consumer Engagement

With an upcoming Presidential election people are leaning in more than ever in news content. Yet some advertisers pause before leveraging the news space for their marketing campaigns. We decided to uncover what consumers really think, and what this means for advertisers in today’s digital age.

A History of New York Advertising

Today, New York is a bustling centre of culture and tourism. It’s a city with millions of people packed onto an island where skyscrapers block out the sun, but it’s also a melting pot for culture and a hub of creativity

#AWNewYork 2019 Features

The Stories Behind the #AWNewYork 2019 Guide Cover Presented by Hulu

Pent up within the cover, beyond the Michelin Man, characters from numerous Hulu shows and Mr Peanut are some subtle cues as to the Advertising Week New York sessions that are being hosted by Hulu.

When Attending Advertising Week, Remember It’s Not About Self-Promotion

To make the most of these exchanges, remember it’s not about you when you connect with a reporter – it’s about helping them get the best stories.

Why The Ad Industry Will Always Need Brand Mascots

Nobody has a thicker skin in the advertising industry than a brand mascot.

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