Advertising in 2021: Seizing the Moment in OTT

Our industry has changed and the seemingly separate worlds of digital and linear TV are colliding. As this convergence continues to become more commonplace and the viewing experience preferred by consumers rapidly evolves, the benefits of services have become impossible for traditional broadcasters to ignore.

5 Reasons New Business Pitching Will Stay Remote In 2021

2020 was a year of challenges, but also, a year of learnings… sometimes the hard way. Suddenly, everything in our agencies changed, and we had to learn how to communicate, brainstorm, chat, present, produce… everything we used to do, but we had to learn how to do in a completely different way, and from a distance—remotely.

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Adelphoi Music Podcast: Sonic Logos Part 2 – Endings

In this episode Jamie focuses on TV ads, and wonders why sonic logos are usually held back till the final few seconds. The answer goes to the heart of what we think sonics are for – but maybe the idea itself needs to be shaken up a bit.

Uncommon Thinking: The State of Identity

In this episode of Uncommon Thinking, Chad Hickey, CEO at Givsly, and Joshua Lowcock, Chief Digital Officer at Universal Mccann discuss alternate ways to spend unused corporate swag budgets during the pandemic through Givsly’s Season Without Swag program.

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