How Your Business Can Succeed During “Shipageddon”

With the holidays fast approaching, many ecommerce experts have predicted a “shipageddon” phenomenon with delays and chaos adding to the end-of-year drama. Despite a challenging year for most businesses, ecommerce has experienced tremendous growth in 2020.

Branding Insights for Founders of Color and Minority Founders

Founders of color and minority founders face many additional challenges and must overcome established stereotypes that create obstacles at nearly every turn. But, although minorities make up 40% of the U.S. population, minority-owned business ownership represents only 20 percent of the population.

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Great Minds: Sue Unerman on Leadership and Personal Responsibility

Mediacom’s Sue Unerman discusses her upcoming fourth book, her history in the industry, building an argument for innovation, and how leadership, even now, needs to take more personal responsibility for the modern values around diversity in the workplace.

Perspectives: Lindsay Stein, CEO, Today I’m Brave

Join Katie and her guest, CEO of Today I’m Brave, Lindsay Stein, as they talk about changing jobs during the pandemic, the mission and projects of Today I’m Brave, the spirit of NYC and finding calm in the midst of chaos.

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