A Sustainable Planet Leads to Sustainable Profit

There are plenty of lessons to take to heart from 2020.  Both the pandemic and the social justice movements ignited by the death of George Floyd in the U.S. have cracked open the protective shields many brands had been hiding behind.

Watch Out Social Media: Gaming Is Coming

Social media has been the dominant media channel for around a decade, and for good reason. The sheer size of social media platforms’ audiences (Facebook alone counted 2.7bn users) and the rich data they collect have created an advertising bonanza.

Great Minds At Work: Streaming

In a panel by Advertising Week, presented by Magnite, we get an inside look into the billion-dollar growth of the company Pluto, which was recently acquired by ViacomCBS, how Roku navigates viewer and brand relationships, and how CTV opens a world of opportunities for live sports advertising.

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