Advertising Week Europe’s New Panel Show: Go Home B2C, You’re Drunk

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It’s all part of our mission to make Advertising Week Europe add up for B2B marketing – it would be great to see you there.

Friends don’t let friends drink and drive their marketing strategy; they don’t let them overdose on marketing hype before making crucial decisions about where to risk their budgets and how they are going to generate returns. At Advertising Week Europe, it’s easy for B2B marketers to feel left out of the party as their B2C mates make ever wilder and more wacky predictions about using VR, 360 video or AI to reinvent themselves and their brand. In fact, every advertising festival needs some folks who can still see straight, still have a clear sense of what’s real and what isn’t – and can still make sound choices about how they will deliver creative ideas that add up to measurable ROI.

That’s why LinkedIn is bringing a new Panel Show to Advertising Week Europe. For Go Home B2C You’re Drunk, we’ve brought together some of the most quick-witted and opinionated minds in B2B to debate the hottest new trends in marketing. They’ll be voting on which should be sent home in a taxi – and which are worth B2B marketers getting serious about this year.

Joining me on the Shutterstock Stage at 10.15am on Tuesday March 21st will be Doug Kessler of Velocity Partners, digital convergence expert Maureen Blandford, analytical storyteller Suki Fuller and Storyful’s Chief Strategy Officer, Alex Cheeseman. None of them are afraid to say it how it is. All of them will be arguing the case for creative formats and platforms that can deliver meaningful results for B2B marketers this year, and which don’t require them to double their budgets in order to do so.

If you’re fed up of hearing people tell you that:

  • You have to compress your marketing efforts to fit the attention span of a goldfish
  • You have to try at least one of VR, 360 video or AR this year
  • You need a big-name, external influencer to make your content influential
  • You can’t have a truly smart brand strategy without the newest, shiniest marketing technology
  • B2B needs to learn from B2C’s approach to content marketing

Then 45 minutes with our panel could be just the hangover cure, and reality check, that you need.

We’ll also be rounding things off with our own version of Room 101, where each panelist nominates a marketing tactic to be locked away forever – and you the audience votes on the approach you’d never like to hear of again.

Our new panel show is just part of LinkedIn’s mission to make Advertising Week Europe add up for B2B marketing. I’m going to be hanging out at our LinkedIn live area on the first floor in Picutrehouse Central to talk through creative content strategies that can make a big difference to your results this year – in terms of relevant awareness, demand generation, higher quality leads and target-beating revenue contributions. We’ll have other LinkedIn content marketing experts on hand too.

We’ll be testing out new technologies, sharing ideas for getting more value from existing ones, and recommending solutions that can fit your budget and capabilities. In amongst it all, we’ll be making time for a live recording of our Sophisticated Marketer’s Podcast as well.

Join us at Advertising Week Europe to make sure the excitement of the festival delivers exciting results for you and your business this year.

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