Global View

Visuals Are The Only True Global Language

AW360 sat down with Dr. Rebecca Swift, Global Head of Creative Insights for Getty Images, to get a better understanding as to how visuals can help a small business or global brand capture attention among key demographics.


Advertising Week LATAM Highlights

The atmosphere at Advertising Week LATAM 2020 was electric. Industry leaders from all over the world flocked to Mexico City to share best practices, technology predictions and offer solutions to challenges within the advertising sector. 

A Fresh Approach For a Fresh Decade

The AW360 team sat down with Andrew Orcí, CEO of Orcí, to discuss the agency’s expansion to multi-segment marketing, the reasoning behind the shift and his view on the future of the industry. 

Four Things to Consider With Native in 2020

Leading industry practitioners came together for a series of insightful events on native advertising across Australia and New Zealand. Here we summarise the top take outs to help you get ahead in native advertising in 2020.

Decline of the Open Web’s Digital Advertising Market Share

Mark Zuckerberg has arguably become one of the best-known entrepreneurs of his generation. Some know him for ‘Bringing the world closer together’, others, (as an AW360 reader, yourself included) for having a hand in revolutionizing digital advertising.

How TikTok Captures Attention Through Sound

While established artists like Justin Bieber struggle to get their made-to-be-memed songs to go viral, new artists are experiencing an awareness boost thanks to Gen Z content creators using their songs on rising social media app TikTok.