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Advertising Week assembles the greatest minds across six continents offering unparalleled insights and learnings from worldwide leaders shaping the future of advertising.

What to Expect in 2020

Greater authenticity, more ethical experiences, China as a social media superpower: just a few of our global predictions for the year ahead.


The Streaming Wars We’re Not Talking About

We operate in a fragmented world. With the average number of screens per household outnumbering the average number of rooms in a home, it’s not uncommon for families to be watching a multiplicity of programming across different devices, across different platforms, all under one roof.


2020: The Year of Experiences, Gen Z and a Seamless Society

2019 was chaotic on many fronts. We were—and still are—stressed out, overwhelmed and looking for escapes. CBD ran rampant, cocktail sessions managed to rebrand friendly drinking excursions into self-care, and everyone kicked off a podcast.


The Challenging Thing About Mentorship Is All of It

The word “mentorship” induces yawns, cringes and raised eyebrows, indicating that it may not be the thing we’d all rather dive into. It is the esoteric cherry-on-the-cake achievement for extroverted juniors and networking gold medallists, mentoring is something many would do, if they truly understood the long-term benefits. 


Discovery: The Power of Influence

Content, influence and the Zeitgeist of our time, could have been another name for the session exposed by Andoni Zarrabe and Luisa Montaño of Discovery Networks during Advertising Week New York, where the role of content in consumers’ purchasing decisions was our main concern.

Trump Changes Everything

Trump undoubtedly left his mark on many industries, even before his presidency, but “media” is possibly the industry Trump most commonly discusses now.

A History of New York Advertising

Today, New York is a bustling centre of culture and tourism. It’s a city with millions of people packed onto an island where skyscrapers block out the sun, but it’s also a melting pot for culture and a hub of creativity


Letter From… New York, NY

No matter whether you’re an ad exec based here or one who frequents the city for client or agency meetings, you’ll want to stay up on all that is happening as the summer winds down.

Latest Podcasts

Podcasting Through the Eyes of Art19

We caught up Korri Kolesa, previously chief revenue officer at Stitcher about Art19’s future direction, including the challenge of gaining a deeper understanding of listeners.

The Sonic Truth: Differentiation Through Sound: Radio

When it comes to radio the way you make people feel when they tune in is everything. As EVP of Content at Alpha Media, Phil Becker breaks down different approaches to building unique local radio brands across Alpha’s portfolio of 100’s of local stations.

The Sonic Truth: Tales of Turbulence and Other Sonic Branding Stories

Steve Milton runs a successful branding agency servicing all kinds of clients ranging from Tinder to Microsoft.

The Sonic Truth: Making Dynamic Audio For Hundreds of Markets

For virtually all of history, the spoken word hasn’t been scalable. Pete Jimison is the founder of audio agency Frequency, who are trying to tackle the problem head on.

Perspectives With Katie Kempner: Alda Abbracciamento, Flytedesk

Featuring Alda Abbracciamento, who left her career at Ogilvy, where she most recently served as worldwide managing director, to serve a chief growth officer for Flytedesk.