Speculative Fiction: The End of Offices as We Know It

You’re invited to AW2020, Advertising Week’s digital event, September 29-October 8 to help work through solutions to some of the advertising and marketing industry’s biggest problems. From climbing unemployment to racial inequality and an unclear future, now is the time, more than ever, to think and work together. Register to learn more.

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**Speculative Fictions is a series where Dr. Paul Caplan uses news coverage to predict a 100-word story set at some point in the future.**

Based on this from AdWeek

I’m old enough to remember long lunches and longer nights of client ‘entertainment’. I remember Christmas parties and summer picnics on my island. Our business has changed. Since we moved from headsets to glasses, we’ve had a home on our network. We’ve delivered work and we’ve entertained clients thanks to our head of Account Management CGI. But today I am proud to announce that we have bought a building. Selected clients (and client teams) will be invited to spectacular, real-world lunches and dinners, events and experiences. This will be my, as well as the business’ home. We’re calling it Xanadu.

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