Amazon’s Goal Isn’t to be the World’s Biggest Store

The parochial view of Amazon is they’re a high-volume store that struggles with thin profit margins. Water cooler stock experts marvel at its high stock price and crow about its measly profits.  Here’s some free advice: don’t listen to the arm-chair experts.

2021: The Year Of The Independent Agency

Agencies of all shapes and sizes were disrupted as the pandemic plunged our industry into the unpredicted territory. And while the experience has been humbling for us all, I’d argue it has gone a long way to showcase the strengths of the independent agency model and how they work with their partners.

How to Tie the Loose Ends of Your Brand

Good branding is the foundation for all your marketing success, which is why so much effort goes into it. It’s important that your branding is memorable and constant across all channels and platforms, with one report finding that consistent branding increases revenue by 33%.

An Audience of One: The President

The CNN town hall in Milwaukee gave President Biden a chance to “speak to the American people,” said a Marquette University professor. When Biden arrived in Milwaukee (February 16) billboards spoke directly to the President.

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Great Minds: Karen Kaplan, Chairman & CEO at Hill Holliday

From her time as a receptionist at Hill Holliday to her current position as Chairman and CEO, Karen Kaplan discusses the challenges, rewards, and successes she’s seen throughout her tenure there, including Hill Holliday’s recent initiatives to promote equality in the workplace and her favorite campaigns.