Communicating in Times of Crisis

The global pandemic continues to affect businesses across all sectors – and it’s likely to continue well into 2021 – so it’s vital brands take this time to make the necessary adjustments to meet the future needs of the consumer.


TikTok Ads – A New Frontier

As TikTok continues to explore the ways in which brands can advertise and engage with fans, we believe there are several reasons why advertising or delivering content on this platform is something brands should be doing.


Customers Have Changed, Retailers Can Too

These changes can and should be taken into consideration as the world gradually reopens in 2020. We will have to press “play”, but we should plan for a different version of the movie than the one we expected.


Food Delivery Ad Spend Reaches $269 Million During Coronavirus

A Kantar study of food delivery advertising during February 2-April 11 shows ad spend in the category at $269 million, down just over 5 percent compared to the same time frame in 2019. Despite the modest decline, a handful of food delivery brands actually upped their ad spend during coronavirus.


Brand Communities Are What’s Required Right Now

Many businesses, both small and large, will inevitably fail to emerge from this prolonged deep freeze. While there are purely financial reasons—cash on hand and access to capita—why some will emerge while others remain on ice, there is a less obvious key.

In the Midst of a Crisis – What Role Must a Brand Play?

COVID-19 is showing us firsthand how global matters become local matters, impacting everything from financial markets to local choices on how people do their jobs or how they pack their pantries, and how to live in a community while maintaining social distance from each other.