Prep your Search Strategy for the Cyber 5 This Holiday Season

What used to be two competing days, Black Friday and Cyber Monday, is likely to morph into one giant block of mostly online shopping this year. Deemed the Cyber 5, the long weekend from Thanksgiving to Cyber Monday will bring a host of new elements for search marketers to consider.

Use Social Content to Freshen Up Your Email

A lot of marketers would categorize email as the cozy sweater to social media’s black dress. While not as sexy as some newer channels, for years, email has taken the top spot in marketing ROI, and in a 2019 Econsultancy survey, respondents still picked email as the most effective marketing channel, with social media ranking only fifth. 


The Mall as a Platform

Many are finding ways to mimic the in-person shopping experience and all are working to streamline strategies to closer bridge the gap between the online and offline worlds. There’s one ally, however, that brands have put by the wayside that still holds significant potential for spanning digital and physical engagement: the mall.


How to Develop the Right Tone of Voice for Your Brand

Tone of voice is the way that you communicate your message, and it’s a key part of your brand voice. So if you’re going to build a strong brand, tone matters. Here’s what else you need to know about tone, and crafting the best one for your brand.

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