Going Off Script With SeatGeek

Ian Borthwick shares SeatGeek’s approach to positioning its brand on audio, and some pointers on where to begin when thinking about how your brand should sound.

Q&A: Nexus Studios Co-Founder Explains Enhanced Locations

AW360 spoke with Chris O’Reilly, Co-Founder of Nexus Studios about the evolution of augmented reality. He introduces the term, “Enhanced Locations,” a term coined by Nexus, and describes how they are the next creative step in marketing, made possible by AR technology.

Writing An Article For AW360

As a valued partner, we’d like not only to welcome you to the Advertising Week family but invite you to join and contribute to AW360, our digital media platform. 

The Sonic Truth: Differentiation Through Sound: Radio

When it comes to radio the way you make people feel when they tune in is everything. As EVP of Content at Alpha Media, Phil Becker breaks down different approaches to building unique local radio brands across Alpha’s portfolio of 100’s of local stations.