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Win By Staying In!

In the COVID-19 crisis, anxious elected leaders and health officials turned to influencers with deep cultural connections:  sports and entertainment heroes. Their mission is to break through with public-health messages and change behavior.


Starting My New Creative Job During a Global Pandemic

Ask a creative what it’s like at a new agency and the answer is usually ‘same shit, different place’. But then a virus turned the world upside down and everything changed. A week or so after lockdown, I started a new job as a senior creative at AML Group. With working from home now the new normal, would it be a case of different shit, same place?

How Media Brands Can Fulfill Customer Needs During COVID-19

In times like these, it is inevitable that people will look for distractions and a way to escape the stress caused by the impacts of this public health crisis. It is both an opportunity and an obligation for all types of media companies and content creators to be as consumer-centric as possible for both long-term growth and health. 

Media Response in a Pandemic

In this time of uncertainty, a strong media response is paramount to ensure your brand is not harmed. After the initial shock of a new reality settles, here are some important considerations to make while making and adjusting current and future plans.


Influencer Marketing in the Time of the Coronavirus

The spread of COVID-19 will continue to profoundly shift consumers’ shopping behavior with long-term repercussions even as the virus’ spread diminishes. More than ever, consumers will turn to social media for content, comfort, and creativity. Let’s talk about Influencer Marketing in the Time of the Coronavirus.