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Avoid the Surprise. Run a Premortem.

Can you predict the future? If you said yes, you’re delusional. If you said no, this article might help you manage the related risks and opportunities of a complex future project.

Mother May I Keep My Job?

Moms in the workplace shape the future every day, whether it’s at their job or at home, growing future leaders and innovators. Working moms are more than just “mommy” or “boss”. They’re superheroes.


Female Leadership is Necessary for Progressive Industry Change

Unfortunately, they are in the vast minority of female presences and they still don’t represent a majority of intersectional identities. Seeing a need for change, both women in this panel are looking to make waves and diversify a space that remains predominantly white and male.


Collaborator vs. Consumer

In Zappos’ efforts to create an environment of collaboration with not just their employees but their customers, Zappos recently partnered with HITRECORD, a creative collaborative platform founded by Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

The Proof Is In The Pot

Though marketing and advertising for cannabis brands may come with its logistic and ethical challenges, this new industry is also packed full of exciting opportunities.