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How To Get More Out Of OOH Attribution

Location observation data can be leveraged by advertisers to anonymously determine the traffic patterns for audiences in the physical world and their visitation to specific locations.


The Emerging New-Era Agency

Today’s increasing fluidity of brand models and marketing expectations means the agency model itself has become fragmented, with pros and cons associated with each structural variation.

By the Numbers

Why Customer Metrics Are More Than Numbers

Metrics are worthless if not used correctly. Lifetime values, driving repeat customers, physical vs digital channels – data points can make or break digital marketing strategies, and they must be fully understood to be fully unlocked by startups and corporations alike.

5 Ways to Gather Consumer Insights Before you Launch Your Business

Before launching your small business, it’s important you understand your customers’ buying behavior and why they prefer your product or service.

Why It’s Time to Use a 1st Party Algorithm

Programmatic is at a crossroads. Unless it can convincingly demonstrate its adds-value in the same way search is perceived to do so, its stellar growth could plateau.