Culture Crafters

How 2020 Changed America

Throughout all of these events, the impact on the daily lives of Americans was profound. The compounding crises altered how we work, how we learn, how we entertain ourselves and even how we think about social issues.


Kind Words at Work

The pandemic turned work-life on its head. We’re caught in the tumbling load of a never-ending workday, pinballing between Zoom and Slack, duking it out with the family for WiFi, dishes piling up around us in our office…er…kitchen, and just trying to hold it together while we just. take. a. minute. to. remember. what. day. it. is.

Facebook’s Winter of Discontent

Though Facebook and Apple have been taking jabs at each other for years, the past two years seems to have been an acceleration toward an unavoidable crash. One that the industry has been nervously watching.

Ageism in Media Buying: The $4 Trillion Missed Opportunity

Within the advertising world, there is an inherent stigma associated with targeting older consumers. Too often marketers believe their next job lies in reaching young, hip consumers rather than focusing on the customers that are going to translate to the most sales today.


Top 5 Trends in Social Media Video Marketing

Today, consumers are living more of their lives on social channels, so to win their loyalty, brands must speak consumers’ language by crafting innovative, on-point, and platform-specific digital experiences.