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Why the Nostalgia Social Media Trend Is One to Watch in 2021

During 2020 and 2021, we’ve seen nostalgia everywhere. It makes sense, right? There’s no better time to pine for the past and relive happy memories than when we’re stuck at home during lockdown. Nostalgia has made its way into every walk of life, from our wardrobes to our Instagram feeds.

Taking The Handbrake Off: Putting Brand At The Core Of Digital

In a digital-first world shouldn’t your digital experience be completely cohesive with your brand? I explored this recently in a webinar called For Tech’s Sake: Where Does Brand Sit In Tech Obsessed Digital Marketing and that led to an interesting conversation with Dom Boyd, MD of Insights and Offer at Kantar UK.

Listen Up: Mental Health is the New Wealth

This past year has forced me as a founder and CEO to redefine several constructs I used to regard as dogma. Take the concept of wealth: in the traditional sense, wealth is an abundance of money or earthly possessions.

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Great Minds: Karen Kaplan, Chairman & CEO at Hill Holliday

From her time as a receptionist at Hill Holliday to her current position as Chairman and CEO, Karen Kaplan discusses the challenges, rewards, and successes she’s seen throughout her tenure there, including Hill Holliday’s recent initiatives to promote equality in the workplace and her favorite campaigns.