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The Future of Live Music – Where To Next?

The famous and much-loved British festival season should be in full swing by now but let’s not be completely negative. As an industry known for its energy and enthusiasm, we have no choice but to look forward and start exploring where we can go next.


Is your Marketing Pride or PRIDE™?

In the last decade alone, the mainstream has embraced the experiences of queer people. Niche vernacular has given new life to linguistics and can be heard everywhere from a coffee shop to a conference room as a common turn of phrase (yas, queen!).

Time to Manage Subscription Anxiety

On average, before the pandemic, one out of every four consumers canceled at least one subscription within a six-month period. This number of cancellations is set to increase as the financial consequences from the crisis start to filter through.

Bringing Sales Online to Diversify Your Revenue Streams

Door-to-door sales have been on the decline since the 1980s, yet even today in 2020, on the heels of a pandemic that has forced dramatic changes to the way we conduct face-to-face business, there are still lots of companies that rely on some form of offline sales.

Lessons Agencies Can Learn From Hiring During Lockdown

How do you offer a job to someone you’ve never met face-to-face? Like other agencies who’ve been lucky enough to have roles to fill during the lockdown, over the last few months we’ve faced these questions and had to completely rethink the way we do recruitment.

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Masters of Creativity, Featuring Lampe Omoyele

In this episode, we have a conversation with Lampe Omoeyele, CEO of Nitro121. Prior to launching his marketing agency, Lampe held senior roles at a number global brands in companies like GlaxoSmithKline and Cadbury.

The Sonic Truth: Getting Creative With Audio Advertising

Tony Mennuto is the President of the creative and consulting agency Wordsworth and booth. Wordsworth and Booth creates award winning audio advertising, with clients like Burger King, Pepsi, Fiat, and more.

Uncommon Thinking: Turmoil To Transformation And Twitter On Covid-19

With the world still battling the pandemic and whole populations reacting in new and unexpected ways, Twitter’s VP, Global Client Solutions Sarah Personette speaks about Twitter’s response to COVID-19 as a company and how users are behaving and adopting new behaviours.

Perspectives: Thai Randolph, EVP and GM of Laugh Out Loud and Co-Founder of Sugaberry

Join Katie and Thai as they discuss Laugh Out Loud, the effects of the Black Lives Matter Movement, how companies can create truly diverse and equitable workplaces, and Thai’s new lifestyle brand for Black mothers – Sugaberry.