By the Numbers

7 Retail Trends to Fall in Love With

Retailers are ready to make the most of limited in-store options and online shopping this year. And while the pandemic has undoubtedly accelerated the dramatic transformation of the consumer retail market, the trends that have been driving this transformation have actually been around for years. 

Repairing Consumer Trust is the Only Way Forward

Strong relationships are built on trust. That’s true between your friends, it’s true between your neighbors, and it’s true in your businesses. It’s also true when we talk about the relationship between buyer and seller, who often come together as strangers.

The Return to New Normal for eCommerce

It’s no surprise that last year we saw a spike in pandemic-related products, such as hand sanitizer and face masks, with the majority of top 10 product searches being related to these protective items and panic buying peaking in July of 2020.