By the Numbers

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Data is the key to creating meaningful interactions between consumers and the brands they love. We have the ability to harness its power and potential. In a post-GDPR world, transparency and trust are paramount. Are you ready?

The Podcast Analytics Conundrum

Podcasts are having their day in the sun. The medium dates back to at least 200, but it’s only in recent years that interest has really started to spike.


For Smart Audio, Engagement Is Key

In our most recent edition of The Smart Audio Report, our research partnership with NPR, we learned that privacy concerns remain an issue with people who have not purchased a smart speaker.

Advancing Your TV Ad Measurement

Humans are a visually oriented species, so video ads, regardless of platform or delivery mechanism, will always be as relevant to audiences as those they see elsewhere across the digital landscape.

4 Steps to Aligning the Supply Chain Ecosystem

I recently re-read Marc Pritchard’s powerful call for a new media supply chain that “levels the playing field and operates in a way that is clean, efficient, accountable and properly moderated for everyone involved.”