By the Numbers

The Myth of the Goldfish

Why attention span among younger generations appears to be shorter. Eight seconds. Shorter than a goldfish. Everyone you know has probably heard this arbitrary number applied at some point to our demographic’s average attention span.


In 2020, Is User-Based Targeting the Most Effective Way to Connect?

There has been an increasing amount of attention cast on the advertising industry’s use of personal data for targeting purposes. The roll-out of GDPR, CCPA, and a flurry of browser-level changes to the usage of cookies have forced marketers to reexamine how they reach consumers online.


5 Ways To Tell and Sell Your Analytics Story

There are countless ways to deliver the results of your analysis; some methods are more likely than others to resonate and promote action. The five tips below outline fundamental pieces that will help you present your analysis in a way that naturally invokes action from your audience.


What the CCPA Law Means for You

With the California Consumer Privacy Act’s (CCPA) effective date of January 1, 2020, only a few weeks away, chances are high that your clients who do business in or with the state of California are wrapping up last-minute details to ensure they’re in compliance with the coming regulations.

7 Customer Retention Predictions for 2020

We’ve seen our fair share of shocking headlines recently: tenuous IPOs, the “retailpocalypse” and a fickle market have all combined to reset the way we size up subscription businesses. Recurring revenue models have their pitfalls and 2019 has certainly taught the industry a few lessons.