By the Numbers

Twitch To Reach 47 Million Views By 2023

This week in social media news, eMarketer released Twitch viewership forecasts, TikTok is reportedly testing direct website links in profile bios and launched parental controls for parents of TikTok users while Twitter rolled out a new option to add tweets to previous tweets.

The Second-Screen Win: How Advertisers Should Play The Super Bowl

If you’ve watched a lot of football this year, the odds are you’ve heard references to new efficiency metrics like DVOA and EPA. You may have noticed teams getting more aggressive on fourth down and two-point conversions. These are two of the visible signs of the analytics revolution hitting the NFL.


From Small Venues To Sold Out Arenas, Esports Marches On

Are you letting a $200 million opportunity pass you by? Is there a $1.5 billion business you’re ignoring? If so, then it’s time to think again about eSports. 20 years ago, it was common to see video games as an expensive waste of time.


We the People Demand our Data Back

As a consequence of Facebook’s Cambridge Analytica scandal back in 2018, State governments are finally putting more protection around consumer privacy and permitting people to take back control of their data.

The Myth of the Goldfish

Why attention span among younger generations appears to be shorter. Eight seconds. Shorter than a goldfish. Everyone you know has probably heard this arbitrary number applied at some point to our demographic’s average attention span.


In 2020, Is User-Based Targeting the Most Effective Way to Connect?

There has been an increasing amount of attention cast on the advertising industry’s use of personal data for targeting purposes. The roll-out of GDPR, CCPA, and a flurry of browser-level changes to the usage of cookies have forced marketers to reexamine how they reach consumers online.


5 Ways To Tell and Sell Your Analytics Story

There are countless ways to deliver the results of your analysis; some methods are more likely than others to resonate and promote action. The five tips below outline fundamental pieces that will help you present your analysis in a way that naturally invokes action from your audience.