Navigating the digital ecosystem requires more than a compass. From AI to Blockchain to Adtech and Martechwe explore the challenges and solutions, the risks and rewards.

Is CTV the Future of Video Advertising?

The number of CTV adopters is constantly growing. Last year their number reached up to 182 million in the US alone, and it’s expected to reach over 204 million by 2022, according to eMarketer estimation.


The Future of Work: Make Sure You’re Part of It

Only one job has been replaced by technology in the past sixty years—an elevator operator. Yet, there is a growing concern that today’s newly emerging technology will change the future of our workplaces.


How to Fuel the Marketing Flywheel With Data

As digital technology advances, we are seeing an explosion of data, which is being generated by countless sources, ranging from IoT devices to social media feeds to online transactions. In fact, approximately 90% of the data available today was created in the last two years alone. 


A Look Back At 25 Years Of Digital Advertising

Take a look at some of the more interesting, innovative, and important developments that have driven changes over the past 25 years—and continue to influence digital media as new technologies take hold.