Q&A: Nexus Studios Co-Founder Explains Enhanced Locations

AW360 spoke with Chris O’Reilly, Co-Founder of Nexus Studios about the evolution of augmented reality. He introduces the term, “Enhanced Locations,” a term coined by Nexus, and describes how they are the next creative step in marketing, made possible by AR technology.

Can AI Overtake Strategy?

The speed at which technology is evolving may well be faster than our ability to pivot job functions. If you aren’t thinking about how it may impact your field, do your research now or run the risk of being jobless in a few years’ time.


Podcast Ads Have More Pull Than Marketers Think

As podcast usage continues to rise, it’s important for marketers to know who they’re speaking to when advertising on podcasts. Here we’re breaking down the preferences of these super listeners and how podcasts influence these consumers’ buying behavior, according to the study’s findings.