Educating, Entertaining, and Informing: A Q&A with reachtv CEO Lynnwood Bibbens

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By Richard Larsson, AW360

When we think of video content providers, most of us think of the services we use in our own homes: Netflix, Amazon Video, YouTube, Disney+, and so on. Life in quarantine has served to narrow our worldview when it comes to service providers outside the four walls of our own dwellings because travel hasn’t been an option for the majority of us.

Enter linear video network reachtv. In this Q&A with reachtv’s CEO and Co-Founder Lynnwood Bibbens, we’ll learn that not only has COVID-living not broke their stride, they’re coming out of it better, stronger, and more innovative than ever, enjoying over 100M viewers per month and with a clear plan to be the standard for traveling tastemakers looking to enjoy educational and entertaining video content.

Q: reachtv is the first true network for linear short-form television content; tell us, how did reachtv come about and what is your audience reach today?

ReachTV was born out of wanting to create a network specifically for Tastemakers and world travelers at scale. So, we launched a linear network mixed with short and long form content with the ability to program by a push of a button; Nationally, by DMA, By Airport, By Terminal, By location, By gate, by screen!

Q: For the uninitiated, can you explain what qualifies as short-form content, and why the decision to go linear when so many other platforms are on-demand?

Short content for us is typically 5-8 minutes, with that said we have short form ranging from 1 minute to 15mins. Our long form in airports is max 22 minutes. By going linear it allows our viewers to have a lean-back relaxed experience. We take great pride in knowing our audience and programming the network for them.

Q: From a marketer’s perspective, reachtv would seem to provide a very unique proposition in a landscape that usually feels overly crowded. How has response to reachtv been by the marketing world?

It’s been a true blessing. It’s a testament to our team, and our focus on simplifying the process for marketer to get their message to the right person and the right time!

Q: reachtv is designed for “tastemakers on the go” – has weathering the COVID quarantine storm been difficult while fewer of us are actually “on the go?” What opportunities have arisen as a result of travel cutbacks?

It’s been challenging but it’s also brought out opportunities. We’ve focused on Innovation and collaboration during this period and we’re coming out of it stronger and better. We’ve had over 7.5M travelers in the last 7 days, which is almost 50% of our 2019 audience. With bookings at the highest level since March of 2020, we see 2021 as an opportunity for ReachTV to own the Travel Media space.

Q: “Black History in Two Minutes,” featured on reachtv in honor of Black History Month, feels like very desirable and educational content for any platform. What is it about reachtv that makes it such a good fit, and how does it fit into your programming mantra?

Our programming mantra is “Truth & Positivity” and this series embodies that moniker. We also feel Black History is American History so this series will run all year not just during Black History Month. With over 60 Episodes in the can, 30 in production and another 30 in development, these stories will educate, inform and entertain our viewers. Not to mention Henry Louis Gates is a national treasure and deserves to be recognized as such. We’ve been excited to work with Producers Deon Taylor and Roxanne Taylor of Hidden Empire Film Group and of course coming from the business world it’s pretty special for me on personally level to work with Robert F. Smith!

Q:  How important is it to reachtv to feature enriching, education content? And how do you foresee marketers leveraging the platform to tell brand stories in the future?

Our viewers want to be educated, entertained, and informed so this is extremely important for ReachTV. We have the unique ability to market brand stories with a push of a button through original content Nationally, by DMA, by Airport, by Terminal, by Location, by Gate, by Screen!

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