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How Your Brand Can Empower Wellness in 2021

What can brands and marketers do to benefit consumers during this crucial period of their lives? Our friends at Healthline Media have created their 2021 Fitness Forecast to answer that very question.

Q&A: How the Pitch Landscape Has Changed in 2020

Like most everything else, the pitch landscape has been radically altered due to the events of 2020 and the world we now live in. We spoke with David Strome, Client Development Director, US at MediaSense for his thoughts on navigating both the now and the road ahead.

Set Creative COO Alan Doyle

Experiential Marketing Q&A: Alan Doyle, COO, Set Creative

Set Creative is an experiential marketing agency that serves clients like Vans, LEGO, and WPP. We sat down with their COO, Alan Doyle, to discuss the present and future of the experiential industry: from live events to pop-ups, and everything in-between.