Facebook Report Reveals COVID-19’s Impact On Small Businesses

This week in social media news, Facebook releases a report on COVID’s impact on small businesses and acquires GIPHY as part of Instagram, eMarketer predicts Instagram and Snapchat will outperform Facebook in terms of engagement growth and TikTok will present at the IAB NewFronts for the first time.

Crisis Comms During A Pandemic – How to Respond?

With lifestyles and focus of attention drastically altered, now is the time your brand needs to make sure it’s not only staying relevant but also addressing the crisis head-on by furthering the conversation and providing genuine support to your customers and your community.


5 Strategies to Help Your Small Business Survive a Recession

Recession is a scary word for every business. But, it’s particularly worrisome for small businesses who may not have the same financial cushioning as large companies. Some say a recession is coming, while others say that it’s already here.


Customers Have Changed, Retailers Can Too

These changes can and should be taken into consideration as the world gradually reopens in 2020. We will have to press “play”, but we should plan for a different version of the movie than the one we expected.


6 Tips to Turn Your Hobby Into a Successful Business

Everyone dreams of having a job that they love. So, if you’ve got a hobby that you’re passionate about, and you’ve been wondering how to start your own business or about small business ideas to try, it may be time to put the two together.


Brand Communities Are What’s Required Right Now

Many businesses, both small and large, will inevitably fail to emerge from this prolonged deep freeze. While there are purely financial reasons—cash on hand and access to capita—why some will emerge while others remain on ice, there is a less obvious key.