7 Social Media KPIs You Should Be Tracking In 2021

According to financeonline.com, the number of social media users is expected to increase to more than 4 billion by 2021. As social media continues to play a role in many companies’ digital marketing campaigns, here are seven crucial KPIs to look-out for in 2021.


Where is the Experiential Marketing Heading in 2021?

2020 saw everything change, with the global health crisis largely eliminating live events and upending proven marketing techniques. With brands eager to reunite with customers, experiential marketing pivoted to help forge these important relationships now and into the future.


Tides Are Changing In The TV/Video Landscape: Follow The Tech

One thing that isn’t divided these days is traditional and digital media. And the lines haven’t just blurred—they’ve effectively dissolved. TV is no longer only traditional cable and satellite packages; now, it’s viewed in multiple ways on every screen in the home.


2020 Election Showcases OOH Formats

Political ads in battleground states showcase the varied formats in out of home media, and politicians’ intense desire to connect with voters outside their homes.