5 Human Truths to Inspire Better B2B Experiences

The most important connection for today’s B2B marketers to be making with customers and prospects is the human one. If you’re looking to build better relationships and experiences with B2B buyers, here are five simple truths to guide your efforts.


Can A Sound Make You Fall in Love with a Machine?

Sound is crucial to evoking emotion. Studies suggest that certain sounds collaborate with our other senses to inspire strong feelings like passion and even love, creating multisensory experiences that resonate with us long after they’re over.


The 4 Key Emotions In B2B Decision Making

In a world of great uncertainty and with emotions running high across all businesses and industries, b2b marketers need to pay special attention to the emotional needs of their target audience.

How to Stand Out and Build a Remarkable Brand on YouTube

The UpFlip Youtube channel has published only 19 videos and has over 9,000 subscribers. How did we grow so quickly, against the strong competition out there in the business niche? In this article, we’ll reveal our secrets and give you some helpful tips to follow when launching your own channel.

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