Mother’s Day and Agency Life

In the business world, Mother’s Day has become a time to critically reflect on the gap that still exists in creating a supportive culture and opportunity for working moms.

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How’s Your 50-year Plan Looking?

So many of us only have one-year travel plans, two-year career goals, maybe a rough ten-year-plan for renovating that dream home.

It’s Time to Ask

Summer is a good time for reflection, and it’s my passion to plan out where I want to be by year’s end.

How to Live as a Digital Nomad

For the last few years, the terms digital nomad, nomadic freelancer, virtual and remote work have all elicited the same reaction from me.

FIREd Up Millennials

An underground world of frugal millennials exists, and they use a specific model to save money to retire by their thirties.

Have Confidence in Any Situation

If you’re young in your career, or stepping into a new role, company or path, it’s critical that you project confidence – even when you don’t feel it.