Rethink the Value of a Customer’s Email Address

Email is a valuable channel for building direct relationships with consumers to reach them with relevant experiences in the inbox and across channels. Marketers looking to drive personalization in ways that have a direct and long-term impact on their company’s bottom line should rethink the value of a customer’s email address. 


How to Prepare for California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)

Like GDPR, CCPA aims to protect users’ personal data by regulating its collection and use. It’s not only California that aims to implement new U.S. data privacy laws — New York, Vermont, Maryland, Washington and multiple other states in the U.S. currently have or are deliberating data protection laws of their own.

Skip the Line to Accelerate Your Career

So many of us move through our careers like we’re waiting in line. Step by step we make our way forward until it’s time to pass the threshold that marks a new level, stage, achievement or goal.