Brands, Don’t Be Evil

Technologists argue that algorithms are the future – a machine-intelligence that works in our best interests, learning our preferences and improving our lives.

Long Live the Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is a great demonstration of something we need to remember the other 364 days a year: People don’t hate advertising, they hate bad advertising.

Strategists: Start Getting It Wrong

Watching the game last Sunday night, I couldn’t help but see a pattern of over-correction from the 2017 marketing strategy of major brands.

Should We Let the Printed Form Lie or Die?

The blue plastic bag. The smudged gray fingers. The sweet smell of ink and paper. All of the evidence points to a taboo by today’s standards: a print version of The New York Times.

Does Guilt-Trip Marketing Actually Work?

No one likes being guilt-tripped—whether it’s at work or in our personal lives, but especially not through an advertisement. You’ll be taking a casual scroll through your favorite website, news article, or online store, and then it happens.