Introducing AWMoms

AWMoms are women focused on creating conversations, increasing collaborations and supporting actionable initiatives which will help find real solutions to parenting issues in the workplace.


The New Mad Men: Evolving the Agency Model

I’ve been in the business of marketing for over 25 years, and I never wake up and say, “I know everything there is to know about marketing.” Every single day I’m humbled by the fact that you can learn as much from someone who’s been in the industry for 25 years as from someone who’s 25 years old.


What to Expect in 2020 From…Social

As we enter 2020, social media will remain a critical channel for driving brand awareness and generating sales. To see the best return on investment (ROI), however, brands will have to be early adopters of a few social media marketing trends we’re shining a light on here. Think TikTok influencers, augmented reality (AR) social commerce and video storytelling.


What to Expect in 2020 From… Digital Publishing

As another year has come to a close, this time the close of a decade, it’s always a good time to look back and reflect on the previous year and what stood out in the industry.