Christina Luttrell

Chief Operating Officer at IDology
Christina Luttrell is the chief operating officer for IDology, a GBG company and leader in multi-layered identity verification and fraud prevention. In her 10 years at IDology, Luttrell has significantly advanced the company’s technology, forged close relationships with IDology customers and driven the development of technology innovations that help organizations stay ahead of constantly shifting fraud tactics without impacting the customer experience. Luttrell has been recognized as one of the Top 100 influencers in identity by One World Identity.

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What the CCPA Law Means for You

With the California Consumer Privacy Act’s (CCPA) effective date of January 1, 2020, only a few weeks away, chances are high that your clients who do business in or with the state of California are wrapping up last-minute details to ensure they’re in compliance with the coming regulations.