Daniel Nanasi

Music, people, and traveling have always fueled my passion for business, the arts, and life itself. I am a seeker of adventure and rich experiences. Early on, I found video as the medium that could help me achieve both. I have worked with celebrity hip-hop artists and rock icons as well as executives from the healthcare industry and fortune 100. My extensive travels and my craft have now merged into what I do for Think Branded Media. I have spent years professionally producing, directing, shooting, and editing reality TV shows, music videos, commercials, corporate videos, and many forms of branded video content. I’m a first-generation American hailing from Budapest, Hungary.

I was born in Brookyln, New York and grew up in Dallas. I currently live in Oak Cliff, right outside of downtown Dallas with my wife and daughter. I love traveling, being with my family, listening to music that moves me, landscape design, art, and self-improvement.

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