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Co-Founder at Slidetown
Slidetown Co-Founder Joni Galvao has built a unique foundation blending business strategy, marketing and communications, screenwriting and filmmaking, neurolinguistic programming, and storytelling and presentation design. As a storytelling expert, keynote speaker and author with over 15 years of experience, he has helped executives and companies use emotion in their stories to engage and move their audiences through more than 10,000 presentations for over 1,000 clients. Galvao is a disciple of Robert McKee, storytelling guru to major studios, actors, directors, writers and corporations. He has developed a methodology to integrate screenwriting principles within the business world as well as the first storytelling model using a "plot design" method to keep stories alive over multiple iterations.
Joni Galvão

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What Is True Storytelling

The art of telling a good story, whether in the movies, in the corporate world, at school or at home is still an art. Storytellers are major influencers in the life of an audience.

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