Messaging Apps Staking Claim on Marketers’ Minds and Money

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Messaging apps continue to take a larger share of consumers’ time and attention, impacting marketing spend and allocation. According to a recent LiveWorld study, 79% of marketers believe that 1-to-1 conversations – like those enabled by messaging apps – are crucial to consumer engagement. Many are putting their money where their mouths are, with 55% applying marketing budget on messaging apps to improve their customer service.

Now we’ve heard this before. New technology takes consumers’ market share from existing platforms and marketers flock to it. So why believe the hype? What measures are messaging apps taking to keep consumers engaged and brands knocking on their door? The answer is pretty simple – creating native solutions that users like and that brands can seamlessly tap into.

Viber has been heavily investing in developing engaging consumer-facing products that also satisfy marketers’ need for high-value, 1-to-1 conversations. With the consumer experience at the core of everything they do for brands, they recently updated their Public Accounts product.

These product updates and application of them will be discussed on their upcoming webinar on November 23. Joining them will be their partner FC Barcelona to dive into how they’re using Viber’s rich product suite to reach new and existing Barca fans all over the world.

Brands are constantly seeking innovative and results-driven ways to capture the eyes and ears of consumers and messaging apps achieve so many of these objectives. This means that messaging apps are here to stay and now is the time for marketers to ramp up their knowledge and budgets.

Official webinar information below:

What: Viber and FC Barcelona Webinar
When: Thursday, November 23 at 2:30pm CET
Who: Sara Rodriguez, Digital Product Manager, FC Barcelona
Yaron Goldberg, Head of Public Accounts, Viber
Caroline Lucas-Conwell, B2B Marketing Manager, Viber
Where: Sign-up here

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