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Influencer Culture in Japan

The culture of checking your phone every evening to see what you’re favourite insta stars are wearing has exploded in Europe, yet even more so in the East. Influencer culture in Japan is one of the main ways in which customers are drawn to certain brands, styles and forms of dress. popIn want to make it even easier for you to buy the product you see on the screen.

The biggest blockades to the consumer buying what they see on their favourite influencer’s social media accounts is the arduous task of having to describe word for word what they see. Search engines aren’t optimised to digest this information and present to you exactly what you’re looking for.

Enter popIn

This Japan-based company can install a programme onto your e-commerce site that with one click can lead you to purchase the item you see on the screen, plus other items that look similar. The programme can be installed onto your site by entering only one line of code into your e-commerce site.

Insta Models into Business Models

Unlike most services in this bracket which charge an installation fee, popIn’s model is purely based on micro-conversions. You won’t be charged a penny until you’ve made a penny. popIn take $1 for every item your customer adds to their shopping cart.

Past vs. Future

popIn predict that most major e-commerce sites will be using their service in 5 years time. However, my bet is that that may not have seen Instagram’s announcement on the day of their presentation (20/03/19).  “Checkout on Instagram” is a service launched in the US only (for now) which allows customers to buy clothes, accessories and make up without having to leave the app. The parent company, Facebook, has created a brand new in-app retail experience which allows the customer to enjoy the item being shown on the screen, customise the size and colour and checkout the item with credit card information that they already have stored on Instagram.

Whilst popIn’s model is slightly different and has promise, with such a tech giant beating them to in the US market, it seems questionable that they’ll break into the EU market before Instagram gets there first.

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