Speculative Fiction: AI Recreates the Painting Techniques of Famous Artists

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**Speculative Fictions is a series where Dr. Paul Caplan uses news coverage to predict a 100-word story set during some point in the future.**

Speculative Fiction: AI recreates the painting techniques of famous artists

The package wasn’t bad. Lump sum, pension, even options. Bearing in mind the numbers he’d seen ‘let go’ with less ceremony and security, he wasn’t grumbling. He’d been thinking about that novel anyway. The Zoom farewell party was set, the courier had been round for the Aeron. All he had to do was spend his notice period with Adcraft (™). He’d joined the agency long before it logged every conversation, whiteboard, canvas and sketchbook. So he had work to do. The Creative Brief appeared on the screen. The sensors watched and he tried to remember the creative process he’d used.

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