Speculative Fiction: Facebook Released 100,000 Deepfakes to Teach AI How to Spot Them

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**Speculative Fictions is a series where Dr. Paul Caplan uses news coverage to predict a 100-word story set during some point in the future.**

Speculative Fiction: Facebook released 100,000 deepfakes to teach AI how to spot them

It was an opportunity. Even if she wasn’t taking another year out to see if the University was going to bring back classrooms, she’d have taken the internship. She’d get to work with the power of massive AI and machine learning whirring in the background (or so she imagined) and on something worthwhile – deepfakes, something the activist in her could use to square with signing on for The Company. Developing better automatic systems, cleverer AI. Finding truth.

She sat at her monitor in the Uncanny Valley team, and read the instructions. “Press red if it feels wrong”. The stream began.

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