The ABCs of Staying Relevant in the Age of Mobile

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Within the next two years, 70 percent of the global population is expected to become mobile users. While companies have been using mobile to connect with customers for years, recent innovations in the marketing landscape have given marketers the opportunity to create more immersive experiences and meet consumers exactly where they’re spending so much time. As a result, the demand for more creative mobile content continues to rise.

To meet this growing interest, marketers need to look beyond traditional display ads, and embrace new ways to connect with consumers. Mobile paves the way for companies to forge impactful relationships with customers, through meaningful and more personalized content.

Here are three ways to adapt your ad strategies to resonate with users on mobile: AR, brand advertising intelligence and content marketing.

AR has big rewards

Today, 75 percent of consumers expect retailers to offer an AR experience of some kind. New formats like AR give consumers the ability to truly experience and immerse themselves in a brand or product, all from the comfort and ease of their own phones.

The Home Depot and Pottery Barn are two examples of brands that have recently leveraged AR technology to bring their in-store experiences straight to mobile phones. Giving customers the ability to virtually “try out” different options for furniture and home decor helped both brands see a significant return in engagement and click-through-rate. In fact, the Home Depot attributes its successful integration into the mobile space to improving the overall customer experience and growing its bottom line.

Brand advertising intelligence must drive strategy

As marketers, it’s imperative that we intelligently use data to understand the consumer journey and what matters most to them. Brands can identify moments to connect by considering eight different human motivations for consuming content, including: to inspire, feel good, entertain, update socially, find, be in the know, connect and have comfort.

Having these insights for brands means they’re able to better understand why audiences are browsing specific content and ensure the right content is delivered via the right channels, and as a result, build a relationship of trust and loyalty.

Content marketing shines on mobile

Content marketing is another medium that should be an integral part of every mobile marketing campaign. Content marketing costs 62 percent less than outbound marketing, and it generates more than three times as many leads. In a recent study we found that 65 percent of consumers are more likely to search for a brand after viewing its content marketing creative. And with people consuming more and more digital media on mobile each year, creating content programs that reach them on these devices is imperative to capture their attention.

That’s why mobile engagement is a higher priority than ever, and brands and marketers have an opportunity to use this device to reach consumers in diverse ways. Take advantage of new tactics like AR ads, brand advertising intelligence and content marketing on mobile to stand out and capture the hearts of audiences.

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