The Secret is Out – Online Publishers Want Advertisers To Succeed

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Not so long ago, many in the ad world would’ve told you that publishers and advertisers were like oil and water. But now, thanks to a slew of digital platforms at everyone’s fingertips, publishers have the ability to monetize on an advertiser’s success with compelling native content that creates a genuine connection between user, publisher, and advertiser.

You see, back in the day most of us never bought a magazine because of the great ads or tuned to a specific channel because of the unforgettable commercials (other than the Super Bowl, of course). Today, however, we have a unique opportunity to transform a user’s feed into an enriching storytelling platform – and it all starts with great native ads. Working as both advertisements and narrative content, native ads reel the user in closer rather than pull them away from their intended activity.

It’s time to get on the native ad wagon, because when it’s done right it can forever transform your relationship with the user. You’ll win their attention, drive more interactions, and create a unique experience that will keep them coming back for more.

Ready to create some thumb-stopping marketing? Here’s a closer look at some advertisers who’re leading the pack with excellent native content.

Eagle Eyes and The Good Men Project

Here’s a great example of brand storytelling gently woven into a richer user experience. Eagle Eyes Optics partnered with The Good Men Project to celebrate a retired U.S. Army Vet who continues to serve both humans and animals. And yes, he just so happens to love his Eagle Eye aviators – which were recommended to him by an astronaut friend. It’s a great example of an authentic narrative story that celebrates an individual’s mission while gently winking at the brand’s technology and capabilities. The moral of the story? You don’t need direct advertising for your brand to take flight. 

“Dear Gus” The Players Tribune + Procter & Gamble

For their 2018 Olympics #LoveOverBias Campaign, Procter & Gamble partnered with The Players Tribune to bring us a heartwarming letter from Pip Kenworthy to her son, Olympic alpine skier Gus Kenworthy. What makes this piece of long-form content so great is the genuine authenticity mixed with a simple brand logo. There’s no mention of P&G anywhere in the letter, but thanks to a gentle association at the top of the page the reader is continually connected to the brand throughout the entire piece. It’s the kind of content that makes you want to go hug your mom, and maybe snag a new Gilette razor on the way home.

Cole Haan + Forbes: Changemakers  

The iconic footwear brand stays a step ahead of the competition with a beautiful series of videos shot exclusively in collaboration with Forbes BrandVoice. Each of the nine episodes tells the story of extraordinary individuals who’re combining passion, skill, and forward-thinking to shake up their respective industries – from wellness, to travel, to food. Each of these engaging stories is drenched in authenticity and inspiration, providing the audience rich content that’s inspiring and highly-consumable. It’s also a gentle reminder that we all hold the power to change the world – especially in a pair of Cole Haan shoes.

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