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Let’s face it, we’re marketers marketing to marketers. We have to get past the muscle memory of talking about ourselves.

Being a brand champion and sharing your mission with passion and truth isn’t enough anymore. The game has changed. Just a few years ago we still believed, “If we tell our story well, they will come.” (Be genuine. Be truthful. Be sincere.)

Except – 2020 news flash – in order for this to be effective, they’d have to be listening first.

Everyone is kind of busy checking on their own status. Along with access to floods of inspiration, whenever they want it. And if they don’t find what they are looking for, they’ll create it themselves.

Talking about yourself as a brand was great when we all had flip phones. Don’t fret – intrinsic brand descriptors are still great for your website.

But when it comes to engaging customers, friends and ultimately, loyalists, you-phoria has passed us by.

Clearly, (As George from Seinfeld affirmed) “It’s not about you. It’s about me.” Make me look good. Make me feel good. Entertain me.

Get to know me and make it personal. And we’re not just talking about monograms.

We’re talking about digging deep into intuitive, prescriptive, helpful, “wish I thought of that” programming.

Programming, that doesn’t simply follow how things worked just a few years ago. It’s a new frontier of innovation and real-life experiences. Conceptual territory that’s worth exploring.

An Unexpected Dose of “That’s for Me.”

Rule breakers find big and small ways to foster change in consumers’ behavioral patterns.

Each of these brands have found a clever way to deliver a solution, experience or support intuitively.

Start with a clean slate and see how these fit your brand planning.

Sephora – Upgrade the User Experience

Sephora and Google came together to provide voice-activated styling videos with a hands-free, voice activated way to watch a ‘how-to’ hairstyle video. Sephora’s (already existing) videos + Google’s technology = personalized experience for people simply by adapting to what they were already doing yet making it easier.

Glossier – Audience before Product 

This dual beauty retailer and producer of content has created ownable conversations on their digital platform that lead to products catered to their audience. Timely product launches that address real problems based on interactions with their community.

Their business plan hinges on listening first.

ASOS – Personalized Board Creation

Online fashion retailer ASOS offers an in-app feature allowing shoppers to organize their saved items into boards. The more shopping you do, the stronger recommendations ASOS is able to suggest based on a consumer’s shopping habits. Users can share their ASOS wish list by selecting their saved items and sharing with friends via email, thus turning shopping into a social experience.

Nike’s House of Go –Try It, Buy It 

In order to launch the Epic React Flyknit shoe, Nike opened a pop-up shop called “House of Go” in select cities globally. Shoppers were taken out of their comfort zone and into real life simulation. The dialed-up interaction combined VR, avatars and total immersion that messaging alone could never achieve.

Iberia Airlines – Making Dreams Come True

Iberia Airlines sent targeted mails asking travelers to describe their perfect holiday trip including destination and companions. With permission, emails were then sent to the companions with a holiday card. Once cookies were accepted, both received targeted banners with details on making it all happen.

NBA – Where the Action Is

The league recognized the increasing use of mobile as a “first screen” by fans and provided its app, League Pass, with tighter, zoomed-in angles to enhance the mobile viewing experience. The result was record-setting global fan engagement.

Sherwin-Williams – The New Way to Finger Paint 

The frustration of picking a color and visualizing it ended with AR. Their ColorSnap Visualizer App allows everyone from do-it-yourselfers and professionals to paint with the rectangle in their pocket. Real time decisions spur confident purchases.

Food52 – Kitchen Conversations

This start up harnesses the power of cultivating a community centered around the kitchen and eating. By offering recipes, kitchen tips, and a space for conversation, Food52 novel products just seem to happen – like an apron with built-in oven mitts.

Pepsi – Surprise and Delight

Pepsi’s Hello Fresh program was the first to hit college campuses with robotic delivery of snacks at more than 50 locations. Early adopters got bragging rights with an app and a bot that can travel 20 miles in a day.

The latest won’t continue to be the greatest.

New, different and intuitive programming is how we get paid.

It’s all of our jobs to add to this list and keep innovating. We’re always looking for more – from our Top 100 brands report, to our on-going research. But that’s about us – what about you?

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Excerpt from: Join the Brand

In our book, Join the Brand, we introduce the concept of two-way immersion. Learn more about the two-way brief.

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