Elmer, Buckets, Doc, and More: Meet the Keebler Elves!

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We’ve shared magical facts you might not have known about Ernie Keebler and taken 360 readers on a tour of the Keebler Hollow Tree. Now, we’re sharing more about the elves themselves and their distinctive personalities.

First though, we have to let you in on a little-known secret about these elves. Keebler elves aren’t mischievous or evil, as pop culture often depict sprites as being. They pride themselves on being achievers and are highly passionate about being cookie and cracker bakers. They also do not believe in mass production of treats in factories and prefer to bake the old-fashioned elfin way — inside of magic ovens in their hollow tree, where each uncommonly good cookie and cracker can be baked one at a time with care.

If you ever come across the Hollow Tree, peek in and say hello to the characters bustling away inside of it!

Elmer is better known as “The Apprentice” to Ernie. Ever enthusiastic about learning and polite as can be, he’s also the only elf who wears the smaller “apprentice” style hat.

Meet “The Muscle,” Buckets! This nickname came courtesy of the extra dollop of fudge Buckets will add to cookies. Just like Elmer, Buckets is enthusiastic but he can be a bit clumsy at times especially since he never does anything in a small way.

Faster than the human eye is Fast Eddie, an elf of few words. Just ask him to bake anything and before the sentence gets out of your mouth he’s already off doing it!

Roger is the tallest elf inside of the Hollow Tree. Hey, how did he get that name anyway? Legend has it that his name came from saying “Roger!” when Ernie asked him to release some rainbow magic in a spot for the Rainbow Chips Deluxe cookies.

You might remember the Keebler matriarch, Ma, from her first appearance in an ad campaign for Soft Batch Cookies!

The resident artist of the Hollow Tree is none other than Leonardo, who specializes in painting those painstakingly straight lines on Fudge Stripes cookies.

Perhaps the eldest of all the elves is Doc, who adds a sprinkling of wisdom into every creation he makes in the baking room.

Sam has starred alongside Roger in a commercial spot for Wheatables — and is named after Sam Cornell, a long-time Keeblber animation director!

Elwood is a tweenage elf who tends to act before he thinks, but remains just as optimistic and eager as any of the other elves in the Hollow Tree.

Last but certainly not least is Florence, who believes in the power of baking each cookie and cracker with the loving care of tiny elfin hands.

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  1. When I was much younger than my 39yrs now I used to imagine the keebler elves were alive in my belly baking cookies. Of course they had to eat as well. So in order to feed them at my mealtime I would swallow whole bites of my sandwich without chewing it up. Nobody likes chewed up food unless you’re a baby bird! This went on for several years. Then one day I decided they were to much work. If they wished to carry on inside me and bake cookies then they would have to eat food that I’d chewed up. At the age of 15 I decided I wasn’t going to have any children of my own. It was just too much work.Between the elves upkeep and horrid doctor’s visits I decided no child was going grow inside of my belly after years of living with 3 keebler elves inside of me baking cookies I never got to eat!! Knew one day I’d have to share this story of a child’s wild imagination with the much loved keebler elves! THANKS
    Amy Eitel

  2. The Keeber leader is on the FBI most wanted for 3 Billion. Please be careful when consuming keeblers they have been known to build houses in lawns that are 4 inches in diameter. Keeblers are dangerous and can KILL you. Keebler come in 1000s at a time and can sleep in your mouth, your house may be infested with keeblers if you have any suspicion contact AUTHORITIES NOW

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