15 Times Series: Know Your Girls (2018)

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Black women in America are dying of breast cancer at unacceptable rates – about 40% higher than white women. Black women are more likely to be diagnosed younger and also more likely to be diagnosed at later stages with more aggressive forms of the disease.

In response and continuing our 15 times series showcasing the great work raising awareness around significant public issues in partnership with The Ad Council, Susan G. Komen and Translation unveiled “Know Your Girls™,” a campaign produced alongside the Ad Council.

Through TV, Radio and outdoor executions women are empowered to treat their breasts with the same love and attentiveness as their closest girlfriends. The aim is to educate and inspire black women to understand their risk and engage with information and tools that can ultimately promote early detection.


The PSAs drive to KnowYourGirls.org, where women can access information and tools to help them learn their breast cancer risk and family health history and have an informed conversation with their doctor.

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