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Mixed Reality and the Future of Ads

At this seminar presented on the Bing stage, a panel of experts from Unity, a leading mixed reality company, described how this technology can be utilized, and what the future holds for it.

Johnny Cupcakes Earle Get In Touch Connecting People With The Brand

In a society with multitudes of choices, uniqueness is essential if a company intends to stand out. Johnny “Cupcakes” Earle, founder of Johnny Cupcakes, stressed this point as he told the story of his wildly successful t-shirt brand on the 4A’s Centennial stage on Wednesday.

Build Your Brand With An Oath

According to the Oxford Dictionary, an oath is defined as “A solemn promise, often invoking a divine witness, regarding one’s future action or behavior.”

Machines Are Getting More and More Creative

As technology progresses in our society, talk of robots and machines taking over human jobs is rampant. Therefore, this seminar presented on the Target Media Network Stage by a panel of experts on the topic proved to be quite interesting and relevant, even more so when looking at things from an advertising perspective.