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The Brand As Experience

People today would rather spend more time and dollars on doing things rather than buying things, so knowing how to build a brand that offers a customer an experience in addition to a product is key to being successful in this competitive marketplace.

Courage in the Face of Controversy

Moderator Molly DeWolf Swenson began the session “Courage in the Face of Controversy” by asking the audience to raise their hand if they think we are in a controversial, polarizing time.

Wired Brand Storytelling

Kim Kelleher sat down with three master storytellers in advertising during “Wired Brand Marketing” to hear how they are answering this question about what constitutes good storytelling. Their advice is pretty straight forward: make it human.

Brands: The New Icons of Culture

During “Brands: The New Icons of Culture,” four panelists discussed strategies that companies can use to make the jump from a lovable brand popular within a subculture to an icon that reaches across demographics and fosters brand loyalty among its consumers.

What Motivates Millennials to Act?

This question kicked off the “The Art of Activating Millennials” on Monday morning, and each of the six featured panelists agreed that what matters most to millennials today, whether deciding to take a certain job, buy a certain product or stand up for a social cause, is creating memorable experiences.