Risks and Benefits: Branding on TikTok

Always wanting to be the “first mover,” Kelly Solomon, Senior Vice President of Consumer Marketing at MAC Cosmetics, propelled her team to use a novel tool to digitally engage with a younger audience.

Disney Presents Storytelling

ESPN host, Mike Greenberg sat down with Enes Kanter, NBA player, Cory Richards, National Geographic photographer and climber, Dominique Jackson, actress, and Josann McGibbon, screenwriter to discuss the various ways to tell bold stories that make an impact on people’s lives every day.

Innovating with Games: What Advertisers Can Learn from Game Design

“Games are where we truly allow ourselves the freedom to think differently,” Nathan Phillips said today at the ‘Could the Future of Advertising be Inspired by Game Design?’ Advertising Week seminar, where he and four of the foremost experts on gaming and advertising discussed the relationship between the two subjects and how game design will influence the future of marketing.

Storytelling in a Mobile-First World

Nick Miaritis and Vikramjeet Singh are the team behind the Mr. Peanut Twitter Account and Social Media Strategy for Planters. Today, they gave a seminar at Advertising Week in which they explained some of the keys to what has made that account so successful.