Predictions For ‘Predictive Marketing’, From Deloitte’s Paris

In this video interview with Beet.TV, Deloitte Digita’s Todd Paris describes how deterministic and probablistic marketing techniques will be “married together” with emerging predictive techniques, to support business functions that go beyond advertising.

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How OTT Ads Get Higher Viewability & Less Fraud: MediaMath’s Fisher

Integrated Ad Science, a maker of ad fraud detection software, says it is gearing up to launch a product for connected TVs by Q1 2020. But Mike Fisher, the VP of advanced TV at online ad platform MediaMath, says the problem isn’t necessarily a problem… if you buy from the right places.

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How AI Analytics Can Change Ad Campaigns: Course5’s Mittal

A few years after the technology began its surge, artificial intelligence continues being talked about in advertising and marketing circles.But, beyond the abstract, understanding for how AI can help real use cases tends to remain spartan.

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Brand Safety and Customer Trust Are Key to Good Advertising: Verizon Media’s Jeff Lucas

Verizon Media’s data strategy is built on customer trust. The company, which owns media titles including Yahoo News, Yahoo Sports, Huffpost, TechCrunch and Engadget, has content at scale second only to Google and ahead of Facebook, according to Jeff Lucas, Verizon Media’s head of North American sales and global client solutions.

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Target’s Roundel Unit Inks Data Deal with Disney for TV Ad Planning

Roundel president Kristi Argyilan wants the industry to see her company as more than just Target’s shopper marketing arm. To prove it, Roundel signed a deal with Disney, which it announced this week, to provide the company with data that would help brands plan their inventory buys for linear TV around a more targeted customer base.

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