Creative Showcase: BBDO and the New Zealand Government Show What Happens When Everything Stops

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Agency: Clemenger BBDO & Finch

Client: New Zealand Government

Published: April 2020

We continue this series of the best examples of creativity created under lockdown with this, from New Zealand’s Government, created by BBDO.

Enforced lockdowns forced a swift end to everyday life. No audiences to watch plays. No supporters cheering on fans. No hungry teenagers eating in their favourite local haunt. All of it just stopped. In some cases, overnight. BBDO has created an eerily beautiful commercial capturing all we’ve been through and a stirring message to maintain hope.

Getting the message out was an urgent task and Clemenger BBDO tapped FINCH with the challenge of producing the spot safely, with less than a week from script to the film needing to be on air. Quite an amazing achievement. Nimble teams across NZ were put together, and all of their work was done remotely – from shooting to post-production – in the safety of their homes.

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