Creative Showcase: DDB NZ Reminds People How Much They Missed Big Mac’s

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Agency: DDB NZ

Client: McDonald’s

Published: May 2020

We continue this series of the best examples of creativity created under lockdown with this, from McDonald’s, created by DDB. The short TV spots are a homage to the global cultural food staple that is the Big Mac. DDB NZ is giving it a hero’s welcome with a collection of mouth-watering commercials inspired by Mark Morrison’s iconic hit, Return of the Mack. It’s a brilliant combo.

For many McDonald’s addicts, the enforced lockdowns were made harder still by a lack of McNuggets, Fries or Big Mac’s. Well, New Zealander’s, the wait is over.

DDB New Zealand’s creative director Gary Steele says the idea behind the campaign was an obvious one.

“Sometimes the obvious idea is absolutely the right idea. When you work on Macca’s, Mark Morrison comes up a bit, but you know it’s a card that can only be played once. That time has come.”

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