Creative Showcase: Dentsu and Disinfectant Brand SMV Japan Created An Anime Public Information Video That’s Wildly Catchy

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Agency Network: Dentsu

Client: SMV Japan

Published/Aired:  May 2020

If you asked why we chose this campaign we’re not sure we’d be able to give you an exact answer.

Created by Dentsu Japan for disinfectant company SMV Japan and the brainchild of Creative Director Yusuke Shimano, the ‘Stay Alert Song’ is one of our favourite pieces of advertising, frankly, we’ve ever seen. It’s a cautionary tale/celebration of being freed from lockdown doubling as a reminder to maintain hygiene diligence told through beautifully crafted animation and catchier lyrics.

“Be aware to trim your nose hairs, cause they could put up a fight!”

There’s both a Japanese and English version below.


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