Creative Showcase: Sydney Film Festival and M&C Saatchi Need Film Lovers’ Help

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Agency: M&C Saatchi

Client: Sydney Film Festival

Published: June 2020

We continue this series of the best examples of creativity created under lockdown with this, from the Sydney Film Festival, created by M&C Saatchi.

Andy Flemming, group creative director at M&C Saatchi, created the following poem about the importance of creativity, debate, discovery and truth-telling:

Once upon a time, there was the story.
A glorious tale told to flame danced faces
In deserts and castles and faraway places.
The story remembered by past generations
And carried through battles between furious nations.

It cares not for decorum.
It hears no decrees.
It refuses commandments
It won’t stand for these
calls for silence.
Because it has to be heard.

The endless protector
The fearless collector
The flickering projector
The keeper of the sound
and the absurd.

Stories tell us who we are.
Who we can be.
They let us see
life from eyes not our own.
From the near,
from the far.

From journeys through thunder.
We can go over and under
The silver-topped mountains,
The impossible plains.
We can pull back the curtain
And break all the chains.

Because stories can break our hearts.

Make us laugh in the dark.
Make us see through the lies.
Draw a vast question mark.
Over the great and the good.
And make us wonder if we should

Change things for the better.

The world has stories to tell.
And they need to be told.
Without stories, we’re left in the darkness.
We’re out in the cold.

We can’t move without growing.
We can’t think without knowing.
We don’t know what’s coming.
So we need stories to keep going.

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