Creative Showcase: Ogilvy and Mobile Network Voxi Inspire Us With This Home Made Ad

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As part of our continuing series on quarantine creativity, Ogilvy and The Mill collaborated on a spot for youth mobile network VOXI.

The film aims to highlight the phone’s “endless abilities with endless data”. Ogilvy created the ad entirely using the 4K front and rear cameras on the Samsung Galaxy S20, as well as its internal microphone.

It features multiple scenes of social media trends currently taking place in people’s homes.

Max Taylor, Consumer Director, Vodafone UK said: “VOXI’s latest campaign brings to life just how much our customers rely on our products and services to stay in touch with loved ones or do the things they enjoy most. Technology really does have the power to unify us and I hope our story of a totally isolated team delivering the first-class ad from their home offices and kitchen tables inspires everyone”.

Jon Tapper, Head of Advertising, Ogilvy London said “We are incredibly proud of this new work for VOXI; for its creativity, cultural relevance and innovative approach.  It is a testament of our strong client partnership with Vodafone, our fabulous production partners and the unwavering determination of everyone involved to deliver brilliant work in these challenging times.”

The Mill’s Director Jocelyn Anquetil said: “Whilst there were certain creative challenges we faced on this project, using platforms such as WhatsApp and Microsoft Teams and Zoom to communicate came very naturally to me and the team. I worked closely with our lead actor, using real social media references to achieve the performance I was after, as well as watching and feeding back on the takes in real-time’.



Head of Advertising – Jon Tapper

Business Director – Dani O’Donnell

Account Director – Erica Wood

Executive Creative Director – Nicholas Wittenberg

Creative – Adam Ronan

Creative – Adam Claridge

Programme Director – Alexandra Dack

Producer – Christopher Eeles


Director – Jocelyn Anquetil

Producer – Adam Farley

Executive Producer – Dougal Meese

Production Manager – Lizzie Wafer

1st Assistant Director – Chris Kelly

DIT – Alfie Johnson

Art Director – Mikey Hollywood

Costume Designer – Verity May Lane


Producer – Kirsty Radcliffe


Editor – Nick Lofting

Producer – Leo Thornborough


Head of Brand Marketing – Maria Koutsoudakis

Head of Brand – Kshitij Desai

VOXI Brand Manager – Sara Belardi

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