How Influencer Marketing Amplifies SEO

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If you come to think about it, influencer marketing checks all modern consumers’ boxes in terms of organic advertising. Before committing to a brand by buying its products, people want to make sure their investment is worth it.

So they start looking for authentic reviews and amateur yet candid videos while dodging paid ads like in Olympic sports. In these content pieces, the dialogue with the public has to flow naturally and fill in the blind spots. Before selecting their desired item, shoppers want to weigh out the material in their digital hands, feel the textures with their eyes, and match it to their very particular lifestyle or interior design.

Influencers are those content creators that can push the experience of what it is like living with a new item outside screens. What sets influencers apart from online ads is an organic fabric that consumers can test for credibility.

It’s not just another advertising channel. On the contrary, influencers recommend products in light of specific qualities. On top of that, they are themselves long-time users of the items they are endorsing. If it means turning down money-making contracts for the sake of their integrity, most influencers will do it.

Having said that, few marketers acknowledge the SEO value influencers can stimulate on top of quality brand awareness. It all springs from the organic nature of influencer marketing we’ve talked about above. Let’s break down the connection between influencers and SEO practices and how you can amplify their symbiosis.

How Influencer Marketing Helps SEO

Search engine optimization comprises the practices that increase a website’s visibility on a web search engine. Ideally, every company wants to occupy position number one and show up as the first answer when users ask Google a question.

This branch deals exclusively with unpaid, organic content. Google welcomes helpful, original, and authentic content on its first pages. And what do we know to be an organic source of helpful, original, and authentic content? That’s right, influencers’ platforms.

While most of the collaborations with influencers aim at attracting new leads, SEO juice comes as an extra sauce with the package. Except for blog articles, each share on social platforms, each comment, mention, post or hashtag contributes to a better Internet positioning in an indirect way.

1. Building Credibility for Your Links with Bloggers

Bloggers meet all the features of an influencer. They have a steady stream of readers who follow them for their quality, informative, and useful articles. Their territory consists of blogging platforms, and they know what ingredients make their audience interact.

The most usual type of promotional post takes a “product review” format. Writers get some time to test the product themselves. After their trial period, they express in words the issues that the product solved for them.

On the one hand, bloggers are stimulating a niche public to discover how a new item fits into their lifestyle. This way, the direct result revolves around brand awareness. At this point, consumers may change their status as customers at the recommendation of a person they trust.

On the other hand, Google receives a signal that the blogger’s account endorsed the company’s website. This happens every time an unaffiliated site embeds a third-party link.

Given that the blog is an active and followed web page, Google’s crawlers will take this as a confirmation that the mentioned website is an industry authority. In the end, the brand’s website will gain a better SEO ranking.

2. Social Interactions Cast a Shadow Over Competition

It’s Wild Wide West out there on social media turf. Companies race against the clock to keep up with a busy social media calendar. However, since competitors are in for the same audience and the same crowd can follow several competitors at a time, creating average posts just for the sake of an active account doesn’t do the trick anymore. This is where influencers can cut in and offer a special boost.

Whenever Google sits on its throne, judging which online pages are worthy of rank #1, the fifth most important criterion it consults is the site traffic vitality. Social media influencers can get websites in top shape, despite a clear lack of long-form content.

How so? If there’s one thing influencer marketing excels at, it must have something to do with inspirational creativity. In fact, it is their job to paint the reality in brighter shades and cheer their followers towards a happier lifestyle or career. Through their work, their power of creation remains sharp.

Therefore, a partnership with a Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or YouTube influencer turns into a refreshing direction for your brand’s message. Social media influencers add value by exposing the product qualities their audience is most interested in.

Whenever they receive well-grounded and inspiring recommendations, consumers will take the matter into their own hands and investigate further on their own. Such an event translates into a fresh wave of a great many website visits.

In other words, social media posts may be something Google disregards in its mission to curate only the best answers for search queries. However, the behemoth will never turn a cold shoulder to a heavy stream of visitors who take their time to experience the website one page after another.

3. CTAs That Can Move Crawlers to Tears

By definition, social media influencers are those accounts that do a great job at engaging a mass of online users. Through their spectacular photography concepts, video scripts, and motivational captions, influencers are usually a one-person show dedicated to their communities. Indirectly, their maturity as an acclaimed online celebrity defines not only through glamour, but also through their commitment to followers.

This is why any kind of drive coming from influencers, be it a civic stand or product recommendation, weighs heavily with their subscribers. That being said, Call to Actions reach their maximum potential in influencers’ hands.

For instance, if marketers add in their brief a specific call to action, chances are the prompt will prove the most effective on influencers’ profile. With a well-chosen CTA, influencers can amplify the number of shares, comments, and likes by asking their community to perform these actions.

As mentioned before, there is no strong evidence yet to attest that SEO takes social activity into consideration. Nonetheless, any piece of content seen by thousands or millions of users will undeniably generate a lot of website traffic. Next thing you know, Google boosts the brand’s visibility in Search Engine Results Pages (SERP).

SEO – One More Reason to Give in to Influencers

Influencer marketing has kept its aura as a controversial subject for some years now. Whether it’s worth it or not, it depends on each case study. Through this piece, we wanted to highlight an extra benefit on top of the contemporary package of services influencers readily provide to the advertising market.

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