Insights For May – Passing the One Month Quarantine Finish Line

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The Data

Graph of buyer category and ad spend trends for April 2020
*Tom Hanks is when this got real. Wilson is when things went flat. SNL aligns with hope starting to return, albeit slowly.

April Chart

Graph of ad spend trends by industry in April 2020.
Image of ad spend data across industries for April 2020.

A Different Look: Number of Advertisers by Category

In one of our first newsletters, we talked about the need for Advertisers to retool and restrategize their campaigns for a COVID world. During this time, we expected a drop, if not an outright pause, in Ad Spend. If we look at the total number of unique Advertisers within a category, it can serve as a proxy for how many of these Marketers have successfully made the pivot and started to reinvest. Trend lines are showing continued improvement across almost all sectors with the exception of Travel and Entertainment.


Even with plenty of earned media in the news this week for disinfectants and vitamin D, CPG continues to ramp up its investment in programmatic. The category is showing strong growth not only in terms of Ad Spend, but in the total number of Advertisers we see advertising on the exchange. Every category within CPG has seen an increase in Advertisers over the course of April. We are also seeing a lot more creative messaging come from this group in the past couple of weeks.

Source: Ads of the World

As a child of the 90s, this was a wonderfully nostalgic bit of repurposing from Budweiser.

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