Why Nike Gets Experience Right for Women

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Sixty-six percent of consumers care more about experience than price when making a brand decision, and Nike is one of the top mentioned brands by online shoppers for delivering the best experience. Nike embodies a customer-centric approach and is delivering the kind of customer experience that women crave. This is evident in its recent ad honoring the Women’s World Cup win. Not only did Nike release a timely celebration of the Team USA win, but it sent a message about its brand values and the experience female customers can expect from the activewear company. Nikes connects with and applauds women, allowing it to capitalize on the purchasing power of this segment.

Nike understands that customer experience does not start with a shopper wandering onto its website, rather it creates a branded customer experience or, engaging touchpoints that a customer moves through that become the hallmark of the brand. Through dedicated market research, Nike gains a thorough understanding of female consumers and what they want out of a company. They incorporate this knowledge into all touchpoints, from the initial ad to the final transaction. This allows the consumer to know what to expect from Nike. For women, this is not only a pair of leggings, but a product and business that is dedicated to their needs.

Nike leads with its mission rather than its product, giving consumers a look into how the company will support their needs and experience. Beginning with the first ad someone may see, Nike presents a non-stereotyped, relatable, and inspirational female athlete. They exemplify this in their “Dream Crazier” and “Dream Faster” campaigns which depict women overcoming athletic barriers. They break down the pigeonholes created for female athletes and encompass what a modern woman looks for in athletic gear. Nike also appears in other interactions supporting women in public policy and modifying their protocols to better support female athletes. This guides the first points in a customer journey and establishes in a consumer’s mind that Nike applauds female athleticism.

Nike continues the journey when buyers explore its product line or site by tailoring its content to the new ecosystem of sports expanding its definition of athleticism and apparel to changing trends. The brand alters how it presents its products, including more boutique fitness, lifestyle, and gender-neutral options, ensuring that the picture of the modern athlete is more inclusive. Nike’s dedication is further enforced by showcasing the technology and research they incorporate into their women’s apparel.

By the time the female consumer reaches her final transaction, Nike has curated several touchpoints to ensure them a positive branded customer experience. From the first ad that she sees, she’ll know that Nike is a company that supports women succeeding in sports. As she transitions into higher awareness, she’ll see Nike as a brand that champions women in its policy and repairs past mistakes. Nike’s website serves at the content hub that confirms the strength of the brand, its promise, and its user-friendly shopping experience.

Nike tops other brands in customer experience because of their comprehensive market research and deliberate brand strategy that envelops every touchpoint that a buyer experiences during the customer journey. This helps them rise to the top of the buyer’s mind and report Nike as one of the leading brands delivering a valuable customer experience. Nike did not reach their mastery through guesswork. Other brands can attain an excellent customer experience through a revamp of their brand strategy. Starting with an investment in market research, brands can learn how their prospective and current customers think and why they spend their money on what they do. With this information, they can move on to segmenting their consumer base and creating a targeted, and stronger, brand strategy.

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